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Useful Postfix commands Linux

postfix commands
postfix commands

Useful Postfix commands

This post lists some useful Postfix commands which will help you to troubleshoot Postfix email issues. Please check the Postfix commands below.

View the postfix version

postconf mail_version

Mail queue:


To get the number of emails in the queue:

mailq | wc -l

To list mail queue with Email IDs

postqueue -p

To process the queue:

postqueue -f

To remove all mail from the queue :

postsuper -d ALL

To remove all mails in the deferred queue :

postsuper -d ALL deferred

To remove specific mail from queue:

postsuper -d MAIL_ID

To view the mail content :

postcat -q MAIL_ID

To sort queued mails:

mailq | awk '/^[0-9,A-F]/ {print $7}' | sort | uniq -c | sort -n

To remove all mails sent by from the queue:

mailq| grep '^[A-Z0-9]'| grep |cut -f1 -d' ' |tr -d \*|postsuper -d -

To suspend all deliveries of emails in the queue:

postsuper -h ALL

To unsuspend the deliveries of emails in the queue:

postsuper -H ALL

To restart Posfix

postfix reload

Check the postfix installation:

postfix check

To show default postfix values:

postconf -d

To show non default postfix values:

postconf -n

To see the mails in a tree structure:


That’s it!

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