How to Setup Alternate SMTP Port in cPanel

Alternate SMTP Port
Alternate SMTP Port

How to Setup Alternate SMTP Port in cPanel

This post will help you to setup Alternate SMTP Port in cPanel. The default SMTP port is 25 in cPanel server, but some of the ISP’s may block the mentioned port to reduce the spamming activity from their network.

So we can setup alternate SMTP Port on the server to tackle this issue. Please follow the steps to below in order to change the SMTP Port.

1) Login into WHM.

2) Click on service manager.

3) Enter the Alternative SMTP Port in the box “Exim Mail Server (on another port)” and apply changes.

WHM >> Service Configuration >> Service Manager >> Exim Mail Server (on another port)

We need to add that alternative port in server firewall configuration in the section TCP_IN, TCP_OUT, UDP_IN, UDP_OUT.

That’s it!

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