How to ReInstall cPanel Softwares

cPanel Softwares
cPanel Softwares

How to ReInstall cPanel Softwares

cPanel comes with a lot of supporting applications like Horde, pure-ftp, bind etc. This tutorial will help to know how to install, update and reinstall cPanel Softwares.

Update cPanel forcefully

/scripts/upcp --force

Update Apache/PHP and their modules (Only available on EasyApache 3)


Update Roundcube


Update cpHulkd




Install Ruby



/scripts/setupmailserver dovecot --force

Install PostgreSQL

The following script will install PostgreSQL on your server. Please note that if a functional installation of PostgreSQL already exists on the server, this script will overwrite the current PostgreSQL configuration.


Install phpPgAdmin


Install nameserver applications:

Install Bind

/scripts/setupnameserver bind --force

Install NSD

/scripts/setupnameserver nsd --force

Install mydns

/scripts/setupnameserver mydns --force

Install FTP Server Applications:

Install pure-ftpd

/scripts/setupftpserver pure-ftpd --force

Install proftpd

/scripts/setupftpserver proftpd --force

That’s it!

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