How to migrate OpenVZ VPS ( Container )

migrate OpenVZ
migrate OpenVZ

How to migrate OpenVZ VPS ( Container )

This is a guide to migrate OpenVZ VPS ( Container ). OpenVZ (Open Virtuozzo) is an operating system-level virtualization technology for Linux.

Method 1: Using vzmigrate command

It is the simplest way to migrate OpenVZ VPS ( Container ) to another node. Run the following command on the source node.

vzmigrate -r no --keep-dst <Destination_Node_IP> <VE_ID>


-r --r yes|no (Remove private area)
--ssh=<ssh options> --ssh="-p Destination_Node_Port"
--keep-dst Do not clean synced destination container private area

To know more options with vzmigrate, type following command:

vzmigrate --help

Method 2: Using vzdump command

You need to execute some commands in Source and Destination node to migrate OpenVZ container.

In Source Node:

mkdir /backup
vzdump --compress --dumpdir /backup VE_ID


--compress It will compress the dump file in .tgz format.
--dumpdir It will specify the directory to store the dump file.

This command will save the dump file to /backup directory. You need to scp or rsync the created dump file to the destination node.

In Destination Node:

vzdump --restore <Backup_File_Path> VE_ID


--restore Restore the dump file

Run the following command to know more option of vzdump command.

vzdump --help

That’s it!

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