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Los Angeles NVMe + Block Storage 3TB $7

LetBox 960x540

Los Angeles NVMe + Block Storage 3TB $7 limited time!

They happy to do this offer for LEB only.

Offer notes:

  •  Offer valid for new orders only
  •  Offer for lifetime
  • Setup time 27th Friday September even sooner just incase all nodes are ready up but waiting for 10Gbps NiC card if you are ok with reboot to install the new 10Gbps card please add the information while order ( First 200 orders )
  • Setup time 8th Friday November ( second orders )
  • If you can’t wait for setup time period please don’t order
  • This offer not for Chinese we don’t accept orders from China with this offer.

BBox 3TB

  • 2 GB Dedicated RAM
  • 2 x CPU cores
  • 20 NVMe Main Disk
  • FREE 3TB Block Storage ( Triple Replicated )
  • 5TB/Month @ 1 Gbps burstable or 10Gbps port for small Fee available ( capped the connection speed to 10mbit when bandwidth exceeded.)
  • 1x IPv4
  • 1x IPv6
  • /64 up on request
  • 2Gbps DDoS-Shield Mitigation
  • Private Internal IP
  • KVM
  • $7/month ( available for limited time )
  • 84$ Yearly ( huge discounts on Rams upgrade & CPU & bandwidth etc .. )
  • Los Angeles (

IPv6 Address Space

Free Bonus :

  • A + B power Feeds
  • 10Gbps Uplink
  • FREE Backup & Snapshot Services (Main Disk NVME )
  • Free 5 Minutes Server Monitoring + Blacklist (Email and SMS alert) Read More
  • Custom ISO Available (Windows , linux etc.. )
  • Preinstalled OS
  • 2Gbps DDoS-Shield Mitigation
  • IPV4 rdns Management
  • /64 IPV6 up on request
  • Enterprise NVMe
  • Triple Replicated Block Storage

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