Log files in Plesk

log files in plesk
log files in plesk

Log files in Plesk

Plesk gives you the option to access the log files via panel and by logging in to the server. The steps are:

1: Log in to your Plesk panel.

2: Click on Websites and Domains and select the Logs option.

log files in plesk

3: Log Browser displays messages present in the monitored logs at the time of opening the browser. You can always refresh to see the new messages in the log. If you want to view new messages continuously, click on Start real-time updates.

log files in plesk

4: You can view the desired logs by clicking on the dropdown to the right of All logs.

5: To display all the tracked log files click on Manage log files.

log files in plesk

6: Click on a log file name to view the file content directly in the Log Browser.

7: You also have the option to view the log file content in a separate window and to download it. They are provided at the rightmost end of each log file.

8: If you want to delete the outdated website log files, click on Log rotation and you can delete the log files that have been rotated.

You can also check the log files from your server. The files would be:

Error log:


Access log:


Panel log:


To view the logs of a particular domain, the log files are:

Access logs:

  • HTTP log
  • HTTPS log

Error log:



The Apache log files are:


  • Access log
  • Error log

Plesk installer logs:


Backup logs:


Migration logs:


Plesk Migrator Logs


MySQL Logs

  • CentOS/RHEL:
cat /etc/my.cnf | grep log-error

FTP logs:


BIND logs:


Postfix/IMAP/Qmail/SpamAssassin logs:


Horde logs:


Roundcube error log:


phpMyAdmin error log:


ModSecurity logs:


Let’s Encrypt log:


Plesk PHP logs:


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