The list of default open ports in cPanel Server

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Default Open Ports in cPanel

The list of default open ports in cPanel Server

This is the list of open ports in cPanel server:

20    FTP
21    FTP
22    SSH
25    SMTP
37    rdate
43    whois
26    SMTP
53    DNS
80    HTTP
110   POP3
113   ident
143   IMAP4
443   HTTPS
783   SpamAssassin
873   rsync
993   IMAP4 SSL
995   POP3 SSL
3306  MySQL
2077  WebDAV
2078  WebDAV SSL
2082  cPanel
2083  cPanel SSL
2086  WHM
2087  WHM SSL
2089  cPanel license
2095  Webmail
2096  Webmail SSL
6666  IRC

A network port is a place where the information is sent. For example, Apache service is using the port 80 to send and receive the information. You can use the netstat command to find the open ports on the server.

The Port range is from 0 to 65535. There are different categories of ports:

  • 0-1023 – System Ports.
  • 1024-49151 – Registered Ports (User Ports).
  • 49152-65535 – Dynamic Ports (Private Ports).

If you are unable to get access to a particular port, it may due to a firewall is blocking the port. So, it is important that to make sure the port is whitelisted on the server or network firewall.

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