Install WHM/cPanel in Centos7

Correct ownership
Correct ownership

Install WHM/cPanel in Centos7

Below is the brief note to install WHM/cPanel in Centos7.
1. ssh to your centos7 fresh server.

2. Install Perl and cURL. cPanel is written in perl. To download cPanel installer script we require cURL to be installed.

# yum install perl
# yum install curl

3. Download the latest installer script to the home directory.

# curl -o latest -L

4. Run the auto-installer script.

# sh latest

This will take 30-40 minutes to complete.

cpanel 1


5. After installation completed, open your browser and enter below and login as root with the root password.


cpanel 3


6.Read and accept the End User License Agreement and the terms and enter the email address and name servers.

cpanel 5


Now you are all set to use the trial version of WHM. You can buy a license by clicking the “Purchase a Licence” button.

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