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How to Install vsftp on CentOS 7

Install vsftp on CentOS 7

This post will help you to know how to Install vsftp on CentOS 7. vsftp (Very Secure FTP) is an open sourced FTP (File Transfer Protocol) server for Linux/Unix which licensed under the GNU.

Its features are security, performance, and stability. It supports SSL and IPv6. The installation is quite simple.

yum install vsftpd

Then edit the configuration file using VIM editor:

vim /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf

Change the following directives:


anonymous_enable: “NO” – It will prevent anonymous users to login to the FTP server.
local_enable – Local users (users in /etc/passwd) are allowed to login once this option is enabled.
write_enable – It allows to upload the file, if it is enabled.
chroot_local_user – It will make the local users jailed.

Restart the vsftpd service:

systemctl restart vsftpd

Then set the vsftpd service to start at boot:

systemctl enable vsftpd

FTP User Creation:

useradd <User Name>

Assign the password:

passwd <User Name>

That’s it!

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