Install UFW Firewall on Ubuntu or Debian based distros

install ufw
install ufw

Install UFW Firewall on Ubuntu or Debian based Distros

This post helps you to install UFW Firewall on Ubuntu or Debian based distros. UFW is one of the simplest firewall and UFW stand for Uncomplicated Firewall. We can easily configure UFW firewall as compared to iptables.


sudo apt install ufw

You can enable it using the following command once it is installed:

sudo ufw enable

To check status:

sudo ufw status

To disable UFW:

sudo ufw disable

To reset all firewall rules:

sudo ufw reset

You can enable firewall rules for various service using following commands:

SSH (Port 22)

sudo ufw allow ssh

HTTP (Port 80)

sudo ufw allow http

HTTPS (Port 443)

sudo ufw allow https

To Allow Custom Port

sudo ufw allow 8081/tcp

To Allow Custom Port for IPv6

udo ufw allow 8081/tcp6

That’s it!

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