How to Install Spotify on Ubuntu and Derivatives

install spotify on ubuntu
install spotify on ubuntu

Install Spotify on Ubuntu and Derivatives

This post explains how to install Install Spotify on Ubuntu and Derivatives. Spotify has become one of the most famous streaming music services. It also provides apps for different platforms such as mobile devices, as well as operating systems. For Ubuntu system, we have the official Spotify client so it is not necessary to have a third-party client.

We can enjoy the Spotify service using this official application. You can listen to your favorite music with a free Spotify account, but there must have some advertisement on the player.

You can download music and there are some extra features if you pay for premium service. Also, you can control the player from another device, ie., a remote control in a few words. Spotify is a multiplatform program, as it can be used in Windows, Linux and MAC, in addition to Android and iOS.

How to install Spotify on Ubuntu and derivatives?

Method 1

To install Spotify on Ubuntu, open a terminal and execute the following commands. The first command is for adding Spotify official repository to the system:

echo deb http://repository.spotify.com stable non-free | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/spotify.list

Then we need to import the keys:

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://keyserver.ubuntu.com:80 --recv-keys 0DF731E45CE24F27EEEB1450EFDC8610341D9410

Then update the repository and install it:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install spotify-client

Method 2

Install Spotify using snap:

Snap is a next-generation technology for building and installing desktop applications. Newer Ubuntu versions are preinstalled with the snap support. If it is not enabled on your machine check this tutorial to know how to install Snap package support on Linux.

Once snap is enabled on your system, you can install Spotify using it.

sudo snap install spotify

The above command will install Spotify on your machine using snap.

How to uninstall Spotify from the system?

Finally, if you have decided to uninstall the service, for any reason we just have to open a terminal and execute the following command.

If you Spotify installed from Snap:

sudo snap remove spotify

If the installation was by repository:

sudo apt purge spotify-client

That’s it!

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