Install SIM (System Integrity Monitor) on CentOS

install sim
install sim

Install SIM (System Integrity Monitor) on CentOS

Install SIM on CentOS is quite a simple task. SIM is a system and services monitor for `SysVinit` systems. It is designed to be intuitive and modular in nature, and to provide a clean and informative status system. It does this by consistently verifying that services are online, load averages are in check, and log files are at reasonable sizes. Many other SIM modules sport different and in-depth features to bring a well-rounded tool to your disposal to stop otherwise common issues daunting internet hosts.

Install SIM

cd /usr/local/src/
tar xvfz sim-*.tar.gz
cd sim-3.*
./ -i

Once the installation completed, please type the following at the command prompt:

sim –j


/usr/local/sbin/sim -j

It should say: added cronjob.

If not, type sim -j again.

Then check ifconfig.


If ifconfig is not eth0 (eg: eth1, or venet0), then change it on SIM configuration file.

vim /etc/conf.sim

and change it

Next, you need to check the SSH Port

If SSH is not on port 22, edit the following file.

vim /usr/local/sim/modules/init/sshd.mod

and change socket_port=22 to the correct port number.

That’s it!

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