How to Install PRM (Process Resource Monitor)

Install PRM
Install PRM

How To Install PRM (Process Resource Monitor)

PRM (Process Resource Monitor) is a monitoring tool available on Linux and BSD systems. It monitors CPU,  Memory and Processes. It alerted us through email if any of the processes exceeds the limit. This post explains how to install PRM (Process Resource Monitor) on Linux systems.

Install PRM (Process Resource Monitor)

Please SSH to your server and run following commands to install PRM (Process Resource Monitor)

cd /usr/local/src
tar -zxvf prm-current.tar.gz
cd prm-*

You can edit the PRM configuration file to enable email alerts.

vim /usr/local/prm/conf.prm

and change the following directives:


Also, please see the basic options below:

-c|--check run prm checks with verbose output
-q|--quiet run prm checks with no output
-s|--scores N watch display system stats and top N user kill scores (15 default), optionally watching
-t|--top N watch display system stats and top N processes (15 default), optionally watching
-l|--log view in reverse order the prm log file

That’s it!

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