Install mytop on cPanel

install mytop
install mytop

Install mytop on cPanel

Mytop is a useful commadline MySQL monitoring tool (TUI) available for linux. Install Mytop on Cpanel is a simple task. You need to enable some perl modules prior to the mytop installations.

Please run the following commands to install the perl modules.

/scripts/perlinstaller --force Getopt::Long
/scripts/perlinstaller --force DBI
/scripts/perlinstaller --force DBD::mysql
/scripts/perlinstaller --force Term::ReadKey

Then, run the following commands to install mytop on your cPanel server.

tar xvf mytop-1.6.tar.gz
cd mytop-1.6/
perl Makefile.PL
make && make install

Once the installation completed, please create mytop configuration file for root.

vim /root/.mytop

and add the following into it.

pass=<your mysql password>

Please note that you MySQL root password can be found on the file /root/.my.cnf

Shortcut Keys

? – display help screen
c – command summary view (based on Com_* counters)
d – show only a specific database
e – explain the query that a thread is running
f – show full query info for a given thread
F – Disable all filtering (host, user, and db)
h – show only a specifc host’s connections
H – toggle the mytop header
i – toggle the display of idle (sleeping) threads
I – show innodb status
k – kill a thread
p – pause the display
m – switch [mode] to qps (queries/sec) scrolling view
o – reverse the sort order (toggle)
q – quit
r – reset the status counters (via FLUSH STATUS on your server)
s – change the delay between screen updates
t – switch to thread view (default)
u – show only a specific user
: – enter a command (not yet implemented)

That’s it!

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