Install Linux Environment Security (LES)

Install Linux Environment Security
Install Linux Environment Security

How to install Linux Environment Security (LES)

This post helps you to install Linux Environment Security (LES) on RPM-based Linux distributions. Linux Environment Security is used to secure RedHat/RPM-based environments. It is accomplished by enforcing root-only permissions on system binaries so the normal users can’t able to execute the binaries.

Also, it is securing the server by following actions:

1. Enforcing root-only path traversal on system paths
2. Enforcing immutable bit on essential rpm package contents (i.e: coreutils)
3. Enforcing immutable bit on shell profile scripts.


cd /usr/local/src
tar -zxvf les-current.tar.gz
cd les-0.*

Please check the options and usage below:

usage: /usr/local/sbin/les [option] [off/on;0/1] 

-da | --disable-all Disable all options
-ea | --enable-all Enable all options
-sb | --secure-bin Set root only execution of critical binaries
-sp | --secure-path Set root only traversal of critical paths
-sr | --secure-rpmpkg Set immutable on core rpm package binaries
-so | --secure-prof Set immutable on interactive login profiles
-sd | --secure-devel Set access to devel utils for group deva & root

For more details click here

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