How to Install Klavaro Typing Tutor on Ubuntu

Install Klavaro
Install Klavaro

Install Klavaro Typing Tutor on Ubuntu

If you still need to improve the way you use the keyboard, know and see how to install the Klavaro typing application on Linux.

Klavaro is an application that offers a free typing tutorial for those who need to improve productivity when typing, or simply learn how to type correctly.

Klavaro uses a clean graphical interface. It helps to improve typing by offering a basic course, adaptation exercises, speed exercises, fluency exercises, progress charts, etc.

All new versions of Ubuntu provide Klavaro in their basic repositories. So you can install it using a single command.

sudo apt-get install klavaro

Install klavaro using Flatpak

If you would like to install an application using Flatpak, you need to enable it first. To install Flatpak on Ubuntu, use the tutorial below:

How to Install FlatPak on Ubuntu

Then you can install Klavaro Typing Tutor on Linux via Flatpak by doing the following:

flatpak install --from https://flathub.org/repo/appstream/net.sourceforge.Klavaro.flatpakref

To update:

flatpak update net.sourceforge.Klavaro

To Uninstall

If you need to uninstall the program, run the command below:

flatpak uninstall net.sourceforge.Klavaro

That’s it!

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