How to install gcc and g++ in Ubuntu/CentOS

Install gcc and g++
Install gcc and g++

You may be noticed some errors on your Linux server due to missing GNU C / C++ compiler. You can easily resolve this issue by install gcc and g++ using “yum” or “apt-get”.

Install: gcc and g++ in CentOS

You can use the YUM package manager to install gcc and g++ on CentOS.

yum install gcc gcc-c++

Install: gcc and g++ in Ubuntu

To install the gcc and g++ compilers, you will need the build-essential package. This will also install GNU make.

build-essential contains a list of packages which are essential for building Ubuntu packages including gcc compiler, make and other required tools.

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get install build-essential
gcc -v
make -v

Now, you should able to compile software using C / C++ compilers.

That’s it!

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