Install ForeverNote (Evernote Client) on Ubuntu

Install ForeverNote
Install ForeverNote

Install ForeverNote (Evernote Client) on Ubuntu

This post explains how to install Forevernote (Evernote Client) on Ubuntu. As you all know, Evernote official app is not available for Ubuntu. Hence, you can install unofficial Evernote Client, Forevernote. It is created with JavaFX.

You can check the latest version of Forevernote from Here


The installation is very simple and straightforward. Just run following commands:

wget https://sourceforge.net/projects/forevernote/files/v1.3/ForeverNote-1.3.debForeverNote-1.3.deb
sudo ForeverNote-1.3.deb
sudo apt install -f

Once it is installed, please open up the app and login with your Evernote login details.

As the official PPA is not available for this app, the automatic update will not available for it. You can check the SourceForge Page to check if a new update is available.

ForeverNote comes with various features. You can check features on the ForeverNote page on GitHub.

ForeverNote is an Open-source Evernote application for Linux. It is also available for Windows and Mac. It includes most of the functionality of official Evernote desktop client. Also, the GUI is similar to official client.

Please note that the tray icon stays even if the application is closed. You need to quit the application from tray to close it completely.  Install ForeverNoteIf you are using  Gnome shell, you need to install Top icons extension to enable tray icon in the notification area. There are three options are available (Open, Hide, Quit) in the tray icon as shown in the image.

Uninstall ForeverNote (Optional):

As this is a Java application, you can simply remove ForeverNote by deleting the installation directory.

sudo rm -rf /opt/ForeverNote/

Also, remove ForeverNote shortcut from the menu using the following command:

sudo rm -f /usr/share/applications/ForeverNote.desktop

That’s it!

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  • Your instructions have a couple errors. First, part of the acquisition URL is duplicated. Second, there’s no such command as “sudo ForeverNote-1.3.deb”. What would that even mean?