How to Install Elasticsearch on cPanel Server

Install Elasticsearch
Install Elasticsearch

Install Elasticsearch on cPanel

This tutorial will help you to install Elasticsearch on cPanel. Please note that you need to install Java before the installation of Elasticsearch.

Elasticsearch is powerful real-time search engine. It is open source and available under the Apache 2 license. Check the installation steps below:

Install Java version 1.8.0_73 or later before the installation of Elasticsearch.

yum install java

You can get the installed Java version by running the following command

java -version

Once Java is installed, proceed with the installation of Elasticsearch. The latest version of Elasticsearch 5.x. Please create Elasticsearch repo.

vim /etc/yum.repos.d/elasticsearch.repo

Add the following to it.

name=Elasticsearch repository for 5.x packages

Once the repository is created, run the following command

yum install elasticsearch

Enable the Elasticsearch daemon on chkconfig. It will make sure that the Elasticsearch daemon starts automatically after the server reboot.

chkconfig --add elasticsearch

Start the service

service elasticsearch start

That’s it!

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