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How to Install Chromecast on Ubuntu Linux

Install Chromecast on Ubuntu
Install Chromecast on Ubuntu

Install Chromecast on Ubuntu Linux

This post will help you to install Chromecast (Install Mkchromecast) on Ubuntu. Chromecast is a small device which is used to stream videos from your mobile phone or computer by connecting to it to the TV’s HDMI port. We can buy ChromeCast from any official online stores listed in here. Please make sure that you select your country as I have provided US Google Store’s link here.

How to stream videos from Ubuntu

To stream a multimedia content from the Linux OS we need to install a package called mkchromecast. This program is written in Python and transmitted through node.js, ffmpeg or avconv.

Mkchromecast is capable of using lossless audio formats. To install Mkchromecast on Ubuntu, open a terminal and execute the following command:

For Ubuntu and derivatives:
sudo apt install mkchromecast
For Arch Linux and derivatives:
sudo pacman -Sy mkchromecast

You can also install this tool from source code. Please type the following commands to install Mkchromecast using git:

git clone
cd mkchromecast
pip install -r requirements.txt

Stream content on Chromecast using Terminal:

Now we can use terminal to stream a multimedia file from your computer. If you want to play a video, you can do it using the following command:

mkchromecast --video -i <File_Path>

If you want to add subtitles we can load them with the following command:

mkchromecast --video -i <Video_File_Path> --subtitles <Subtitile_File_Path>

For Example:

mkchromecast --video -i /home/grepitout/video.mp4 --subtitles /home/grepitout/

If you want to broadcast a video file available from an online source, you can use the -source-url:

mkchromecast --source-url -c mp4 --volume --video

We can even stream YouTube videos, but keep in mind that this will download the YouTube video to your computer and then broadcast the local file to your TV:

mkchromecast -y --video

Stream content on Chromecast from VLC

We can also stream a video from VLC player. The only requirement is that the player must be in version 3.0. To make the transmission to Chromecast you just have to go to “Playback >> Renderer” in VLC menu and select your Chromecast device from the list.

Also, Check out the following documentation to know how to mirror a Chrome tab or entire desktop.

That’s it!


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