How to update WHMCS

how to update whmcs

How to update WHMCS

This post explains the steps to update WHMCS to the latest version. When a new update is available an update option will be seen at the top left side of the WHMCS window. Always remember to take a backup of WHMCS before performing the update. If you are using cPanel, please refer to the following link to know about taking a backup of WHMCS. Otherwise, you can download the database backup by clicking on the Download Database Backup option in Step 5.

How to take the backup of an account in cPanel

1: Log in to WHMCS.

2: Click on the Update WHMCS option under Utilities.

3: It will prompt you to enter your password once again.

4: The next window shows the current and new versions of WHMCS. Click on Update now.

how to update whmcs

5: The next window shows a warning to take a backup of the WHMCS installation. Click on Continue.

how to update whmcs

6: In the next window, click on the Begin update option.

how to update whmcs2

7: The window will display a message Performing update and the update will be finished in a few minutes.

how to update whmcs

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