How to update SolusVM panel

change client account password in SolusVM admin panel

How to update SolusVM panel

This post explains how you can update your SolusVM panel to the latest version. You can update either via the SolusVM panel or using the command line.

Via SolusVM panel

SolusVM has 3 branches: stable,mainline and beta.

Stable: Stable branch is updated every 3 months. This version proves itself on the production.

Mainline: Mainline branch is updated on demand. All the new features, improvements and fixes –  the first one to receive is the mainline branch.

Beta: Beta branch is released when some features require additional testing. This branch is also published on demand.

To update SolusVM to the newest version:

1: Log in to your Solusvm panel.

2: Click on the Update option under Tools.

3: Click on Check for updates to search for the newest version and click Update.

update solusvm panel

The update is first performed on the master node and then on all slave nodes.

Via command line

To update SolusVM via command line use the following script:



When the script is used on the master node the update is performed on both the master node and the slave nodes.

The script has four options:

1: To update your whole infrastructure to the latest stable version, use option 1.

/usr/bin/upcp 1


2: To update your whole infrastructure to the latest mainline version, use option 2.

/usr/bin/upcp 2


3: To update your whole infrastructure to the latest beta version, use option 3.

/usr/bin/upcp 3


When the script is performed on a slave node, it affects only the particular slave node. You can use any of the 3 options above on a slave node also.

After the update is completed check if all the nodes are correctly updated to the latest version. For that:

1: Log in to your SolusVM panel.

2: Click on List nodes under the Nodes option.

3: Click on the checkbox on the top right corner to select all the nodes and click on Check Version. All the nodes and their corresponding version will be displayed.

update solusvm panel

Your SolusVM panel has been updated!

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