How to update Plesk panel

how to recalculate the statistics of a domain in Plesk

How to update Plesk panel

This post explains how to update your Plesk panel to the latest version available. Before the update, make sure that you have taken a backup of the psa database as if anything goes wrong we won’t be able to revert the changes without a backup.

Visit the link below to know about how to create a backup of the Plesk database and how to restore it.

1: Log in to your Plesk server and run the following command.



2: It will prompt you a screen of the Plesk installation and upgrade wizard.

update plesk panel

3: Type F to go forward.

4:On the next screen type 1 and press Enter to select the first option. The (*) symbol indicates the selected option.

update plesk panel

5: Now Type F to go forward.

update plesk panel

6: If you see a warning in the next screen that there are one or more accounts with passwords encrypted using a deprecated algorithm, refer the link provided in the warning, execute the commands in the link to find out the accounts, and update the clients as their passwords will automatically change after the update.

update plesk panel

7: Type y to continue.

8: The next screen will give you the details about the packages which need to be installed or upgraded.

update plesk panel

9: Type F to start the process and you will get a message when the update is complete.

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