How to take the backup of a domain in Plesk

backup of a domain in Plesk

How to take the backup of a domain in Plesk

This post explains how to create a backup of the content of a website in Plesk. The pleskbackup utility is used for this purpose. Follow the steps given below:

1: Log in to your server.

2: Create a backup of the domain using the command:

plesk bin pleskbackup domains-name <domain-name>


3: The backup file will be created in the following location with the name backup_user-data_*.tgz.



4: If the client is a reseller or under a reseller, the backup file path will be:



5: Now, move the backup file to the below location:

/var/www/vhosts/<domain name>/public_html/


6: Set the permission to 0644.

Now you can download the the backup file using the link http://<domain-name>/<backup-file-name>

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