How to install Let’s Encrypt SSL for a domain in Plesk

Identify spam activity in Plesk Qmail
Identify spam activity in Plesk Qmail

Install Let’s Encrypt SSL for a domain in Plesk

This post helps to install Let’s Encrypt SSL for a domain in Plesk control panel. Let’s Encrypt SSL will provide entry-level protection for the domain so that it will initiate secure traffic between the web browsers and the webserver.

Check the following steps to install Encrypt SSL for a domain in Plesk:

1. Login to your panel

2. Click on Websites and Domains

3. Click on SSL/TLS Certificates

install Let's Encrypt SSL

4. Click on “Get it free” tab corresponding to Let’s Encrypt SSL

install Let's Encrypt SSL

5. Select the “Secure the wildcard domain” checkbox on the next page if you have subdomains in the account.

Install SSL

6. Select “Assign the certificate to mail domain” checkbox also if you would like to install SSL on your mail domain.

7. Now click on “Get it free”.

8. Now you will redirect to a new page and you will ask to add a TXT record for verification. (TXT record verification only needed if you are enabling SSL for the wildcard domain. For enabling SSL on a single domain, file based verification is used)

install Let's Encrypt SSL

9. Once you added the TXT record (TXT record will be automatically added if you are using local nameservers), click on “Reload”.

10. Now you will get the SSL installed on your domain.

11. Once the SSL is installed, you will get an SSL configuration page.

install Let's Encrypt SSL

11. There you can enable the option “Redirect from http to https” if you always need to redirect your website to secure URL.

12. Also “Keep websites secured” option will re-issue the website SSL automatically if the current SSL got expired.

13. Then clear your browser cache and reload the site in your browser to verify that the SSL has been enabled. You can also use this third-party website to verify the SSL is installed.

That’s it!

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