How to create an account in WHM/Cpanel

Correct ownership
Correct ownership

How to create an account in WHM/Cpanel

Here is a short guide explaining how to create a Cpanel account via WHM.

Login to WHM and select “Create a New Account” under the home.

create account 1

Enter the new domain name and other credentials (Make sure you are using a valid email id) and click the “create” button. WHM will create an account for you in seconds.

new account 2


One can view the new account details under the “List account option”. Enter to Cpanel by clicking the “Cpanel logo” and can start adding files.

create account 4


Note: One can add the account via command line by ssh to the server as root and type “/scripts/wwwacct” will return the syntax for creating the account. Copy and replace the syntax to your credentials and run the syntax to create a new account.

[root@grepitout ~]# /scripts/wwwacct
Please use the following syntax:
wwwacct <domain> <user> <pass> <quota> <cpmod[advanced/?]> <ip[y/n]> <cgi[y/n]> <frontpage[always n]> <maxftp> <maxsql> <maxpop> <maxlst> <maxsub> <bwlimit> <hasshell[y]/[n]> <owner> <plan> <maxpark> <maxaddon> <featurelist> <contactemail> <use_registered_nameservers> <language> <spamassassin[Y/n]> <max_emailacct_quota> <spambox[Y/n]>

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