How to change WordPress User/Admin password in PHPmyadmin via Cpanel

Correct ownership
Correct ownership

How to change WordPress User/Admin password in PHPMyAdmin via Cpanel

Here is a short guide to change wp-admin/user passwords through PHPMyAdmin.
Login to the Cpanel account fo which we are changing the password
Click PHPMyAdmin under the Databases section.

change password wp admin

You will direct to Phpmyadmin dashboard.

Inkedchange 1_LI

Expand the database and select “wpd4_users”. Click edit in the table. Add desired new password in the “user_pass” field and you can select Function as MD5, so the password will be encrypted using MD5 protocol. Click “Go” below. That’s it.

Inkedchange 2_LI

This way you can change the Admin password or user passwords.

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