How to add a new module in WHMCS ticketing system

how to add a new module in whmcs ticketing system

How to add a new module in WHMCS ticketing system

This post explains the steps to add a new module to the WHMCS ticketing system. As I am using cPanel I would be explaining the steps to install a new module in the cPanel server.

1: Log in to your WHMCS server.

2: Copy the link location of the download link of the new module.

3: Download the zip file to a custom directory using:

cd <path to the custom directory>
wget <download link>

4: Unzip the downloaded file using:

unzip <zip_file_name>

5: If you are using a cPanel server the modules of the current installation would be in

/home/ <username>/public_html/modules/

6: As I am installing a server module, I would enter the servers directory.

cd /home/ <username>/public_html/modules/servers/

7: Move the current version of the module to another directory or rename it.

mv module_name module_name.back

8: Now move the downloaded file from your custom directory to the current directory.

mv /<path to the custom directory>/<downloaded_directory>/modules/servers/<file_name> .

9: Change the ownership and group of the file to the account username using:

chown -R user:user file_name

The new module has been installed!

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