How to enable Gzip compression on Plesk – Nginx

enable Gzip compression
enable Gzip compression

How to enable Gzip compression on Plesk – Nginx

If you are using Nginx web server on your Plesk server, you can enable Gzip compression on Plesk by using the following method. Please click here to know how to enable Gzip compression on Plesk with Apache web server.

First, you need to create the file /etc/nginx/conf.d/gzip.conf

vim /etc/nginx/conf.d/gzip.conf

and add the following into it.

gzip on;
gzip_disable "MSIE [1-6]\.(?!.*SV1)";
gzip_proxied any;
gzip_types text/plain text/css application/x-javascript text/xml application/xml application/xml+rss text/javascript image/x-icon image/bmp image/svg+xml;
gzip_vary on;

Test the configuration using the following command.

nginx -t

Restart Nginx

/etc/init.d/nginx restart

Once it is done, you can verify the Gzip is enabled on your website by clicking Here

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