How to configure SendGrid on cPanel

configure SendGrid
configure SendGrid

How to configure SendGrid on cPanel

Configure SendGrid on cPanel is quite a simple task. SendGrid is an email email delivery and management service.

This post will help you to configure SendGrid on cPanel. You can simply do it using “Exim Configuration Manager” option available on WHM. Please go to WHM > Service Configuration > Exim Configuration Manager and open the “Advanced Editor” tab.

You need to edit following sections there:

Search for “Section: AUTH” and add the following.

 driver = plaintext
 public_name = LOGIN
 client_send = : <YourSendGridUsername> : <YourSendGridPassword>

Then, search for “Section: PREROUTERS” and add the following code.

 driver = manualroute
 domains = ! +local_domains
 senders = *@<YourDomainHere>
 transport = sendgrid_smtp
 route_list = "* byname"
 host_find_failed = defer

Lastly, search for “Section: TRANSPORTSTART” and add the following code.

 driver = smtp
 hosts =
 hosts_require_auth =
 hosts_require_tls =

Save the configuration and send a test email. You can find something with *sendgrid in the email header.

That’s it! Please let us know if you have any questions.

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