How to Clear VirtFS on cPanel Server

Clear VirtFS
Clear VirtFS

How to Clear VirtFS on cPanel Server

This post explains the methods to clear VirtFS on cPanel server. cPanel uses VirtFS to equip a jailed shell environment for users who connected to the server via SSH. It will isolate a user and prevent the user to access other users’ home directory.

The VirtFS does not count to be an actual disk space usage. They are only hard links. However, you can remove VirtFS using following methods:

Before executing the following commands, please make sure that no users are connected to the server via SSH. Then just use the following script to unmount all VirtFS mounts.

for i in `cat /proc/mounts | awk '/virtfs/ {print $2}'`; do umount $i;done

You can also clear VirtFS using the following cPanel script.

/scripts/clear_orphaned_virtfs_mounts --clearall

Also, please check the cPanel documentation from Here

That’s it!

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  • Thanks, on the cpanel documentation only command /scripts/clear_orphaned_virtfs_mounts is written, as you wrote, the proper usage for cleaning is:
    /scripts/clear_orphaned_virtfs_mounts –clearall
    All the best,