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Clear eximstats DB in cPanel

clear eximstats DB
clear eximstats DB

How to clear eximstats DB

[dropcap]E[/dropcap]ximstats parses the Exim log to produce text and graphical data. You can find it at WHM »Email »Mail Delivery Reports. If you have noticed that the eximstats’ database is getting larger, then you can do the following steps to clear it.

Method 1:

Please login to the mysql


Once you login, please use the following commands to clear the eximstats table.

mysql> use eximstats
mysql> delete from sends;
mysql> delete from smtp;
mysql> delete from failures;
mysql> delete from defers;

Method 2:

You can delete and create the eximstats database from command line. The steps are given below:

mysqladmin drop eximstats
mysqladmin create eximstats
mysql eximstats < /usr/local/cpanel/etc/eximstats_db.sql

That’s it!

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