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Check Internet Speed from the Linux Command Line

check Internet Speed
check Internet Speed

Check Internet Speed from the Linux Command Line

Want to check Internet Speed without opening your browser? Here is a Linux command line tool to check the Internet Speed.

Please open the terminal on your Linux machine and run the following commands:

wget -O speedtest-cli
chmod +x speedtest-cli

Once it is executed, you will receive the Download and Upload speed by selecting the best server based on latency. Also, you can check the available servers list by following command.

./speedtest-cli --list

If you would like to test the Internet speed using a particular server to host the target, you can use –server parameter with the server ID.

./speedtest-cli --server 6261

Here I used Digital Cable Broadband pvt ltd (Hyderabad) to test my internet connection speed.

[root@server ~]# ./speedtest-cli --list | grep 6261
6261) Digital Cable Broadband pvt ltd (Hyderabad, India) [797.16 km]
[root@server ~]#

If you would like to generate a graphical image, please use this command with –share option.

./speedtest-cli --share

I am pasting the optional arguments below:

 -h, --help         Show this help message and exit
 --bytes            Display values in bytes instead of bits. Does not affect the image generated by --share
 --share            Generate and provide a URL to the share results image
 --simple           Suppress verbose output, only show basic information
 --list             Display a list of servers sorted by distance
 --server SERVER    Specify a server ID to test against
 --mini MINI        URL of the Speedtest Mini server
 --source SOURCE    Source IP address to bind to
 --timeout TIMEOUT  HTTP timeout in seconds. Default 10
 --secure           Use HTTPS instead of HTTP when communicating with operated servers
 --version          Show the version number and exit

That’s it!

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