Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting

Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting

Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting

Bigg Boss Malayalam Voting methods are given below:

Google Search: Type Bigg Boss Malayalam Vote. The resulting cell resort will have pictures of competitors. Click below for your favourite contestant’s image. One Candidate can vote 50 votes.

Miss call: You also have an option to vote for by Miss call to a number. The special mobile number is given to each contestant. You can miss call to your favourite contestant’s mobile number to vote.

SMS: You can also vote by SMS. SMS format (BBC <space> contestant name) You can vote through SMS via phone number 57827.


Elimination is the same as Show. One week out of 16 people will go out. This will be their performance in Bigg B0ss and the rest will be based on the opinion of the contestants. The match tracks will suggest the names of people who are not anonymous. Participate in the Elimination. A viewer can vote for a particular contestant. You can vote for the contestants through SMS and Google Search.

Different rounds

Bigg B0ss has different rounds. This is clear from the first match. Bigg Boss first asked contestants who asked who should go out. That too is to be said before them. Bigg Boss has tasks which have the same level of equality.

Different show

The reality show is being organized for the wedding of the song, dance, comedy and actress. But the Malayalee audience does not really know the reality show like Bigg Boss. The show was similar to Surya TV’s similarity to the Malayali House. Bigg Boss has proved that in a few days, they were two different shows.

The Bigg Boss reality show began on Sunday, June 24. Mohanlal is the presenter. The show has become a contest among 16 people from different regions of the society. The show is open on the show at the Bigg Boss House for 100 days.

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