7 Best Evernote Clients and Alternatives for Ubuntu

Evernote Clients
Evernote Clients

7 Best Evernote Clients and Alternatives for Ubuntu

Here I am explaining about 7 best Evernote clients and alternatives for Ubuntu. Evernote is a widely used online note-taking service that allows you to create and organize notes.

Popular Evernote Clients for Ubuntu

As Evernote is not providing an official app for Linux users, you can install the unofficial open source Evernote clients on your Ubuntu machine. The unofficial clients include most of the functionality of official Evernote desktop client.Please have look on the best Evernote Clients for Ubuntu.

Whatever – Evernote Client

Install Whatever

Whatever is an unofficial Evernote desktop client for Linux. It is lightweight and built with Electron. For complete installation instructions, click on the button below:

Install Whatever on Ubuntu

NixNote – Evernote Client

install Nixnote 2

Nixnote is also an unofficial Evernote client for Ubuntu. You can install it directly by downloading the deb file or by adding PPA.NixNote currently available on Linux and Windows.

Install NixNote on Ubuntu

ForeverNote – Evernote Client

Install ForeverNote

As you all know, Evernote official app is not available for Ubuntu. Hence, you can install unofficial Evernote Client, Forevernote. It is created with JavaFX.

Install ForeverNote on Ubuntu

Tusk – Evernote Client

Install Tusk

Tusk is built using Electron and adds some useful features like app menus, keyboard shortcuts and some cool light and dark vibrant themes.This is also an unofficial Evernote Client.

Install Tusk on Ubuntu

Popular Evernote Alternatives for Ubuntu

There are some best Evernote Alternatives too. They work as same as the Evernote does. You can check them below:

SimpleNote – Evernote Alternative

Install SimpleNote

SimpleNote is an Evernote Alternative. It is lite and open source. Also the backups, syncing, sharing are completely free in it. It comes with some great features like History slider, Pinning and Tags.

Install SimpleNote on Ubuntu

TagSpaces – Evernote Alternative

Install TagSpaces

TagSpaces an Evernote Alternative which is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.TagSpaces an Evernote Alternative which is available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS.It supports cross-platform file tagging, annotation and finding.

Install TagSpaces on Ubuntu

Wiznote – Evernote Alternative

Wiznote is a multi-platform note application with support for creating interactive notes with embedded images and links. It is also an alternative of Evernote.

Install Wiznote on Ubuntu

That’s it!

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